feature-insightsWith Stay Logix you can have the opportunity to efficiently obtain insight into various facets of your operations like never before.  Given this powerful new data, you can perform intricate analysis that will ultimately help your operation flourish.  Guest will be given a better experience by ensuring amenities are as desired and enhancing the lines of communication drastically.  For your staff, empower them to communicate with the team in real time, delegate tasks, claim responsibilities and show just how productive they can be.  Management will have a view on operations in real time like never before and strategic decisions and changes can be made based on this information that can be invaluable.
feature-rep-managementWe understand that your name is everything and building solid rapport is hard work and takes times.  We also understand that bad news travels quickly.  Our system will help mitigate and circumvent issues with your clients before they occur and are shared with the world, and at the same time will help promote the positive sharing of your now increasingly favorable service and care.  Customized protocol will help identify and deal with the potential problem scenarios relevant to your operation.  With our technology coupled with the human interaction of the unique scenario, specific workflows are formulated to address problems in a timely fashion, rectify matters with unhappy guests and incentivize the sharing of favorable experiences.
feature-streamlineOur tracking can not only train staff who are learning, it will surely keep well versed staff abreast and accountable for the tasks at hand and specific guidance on how to prioritize in order of importance.  Our analytics will show how long an issue is outstanding, help to delegate to the most available team member, track individual performance, just to name a few key features.  We help streamline the various situations that can arise in your unique business environment.  Hotel guest upset about not getting serviced quick enough - perhaps you want to offer a free drink if they were not attended to within 15 minutes.  For a more severe matter - perhaps you offer an upgrade and alert a manager to contact them directly.  With our streamlines management software, we help eliminate the intrinsic, and many times likely, room for error.
feature-workflowYou manage a large operation.  Keeping track of who is performing what, not to mention planning for who is supposed to be doing what can be daunting and overwhelming.  Furthermore delegating tasks in very dynamic scenarios that happen frequently could be debilitating.  With our backend software we can highly organize and automate your various protocols and procedures and streamline your workflow like never before.  Create specific procedures for each department and allow each department manager to keep track of their own staff efficiently and effectively.  Provide the employees with an efficient means of communicated within the group to ultimately work as a team.  That just touching the surface...
feature-client-requestsLet's face it, technology has spoiled us into instant gratification and quick response and over time we are probably just going to be that more unreasonable, not to mention, the more time we don't have to spend on the phone waiting on hold the better.  Our system allows your guests to access various information in a user-friendly manner, customized to outline and include your unique amenities.  When assistance is needed, they simply text back and forth with a member of your team in real time. Whether one is booking a spa appointment, making a dinner reservation, checking a status of your flight, looking up local restaurants, exploring the amenities of the hotel - its all easily access in your customized experience.  And remember, their is no app download for your guests!
feature-communicationCommunication is key - with your guests and also your staff.  Lack of communication can be detrimental.  Now your staff can help to claim tasks, delegate responsibilities, and work as a true team in sync and empowered like never before.  Our dashboard allows staff to work more efficiently, identify items in order of priority, easily monitor how long an issue is outstanding, and provide a very stringent structure to what recurring tasks must be performed.  We are basically helping you make your business that much more of a well oiled machine. We will provide you the ability to closely monitor and assess the productivity of individual staff members without the risk of being overly burdensome.