The platform is tailored for mobile devices and tablets but virtually the platform for guest can be access by all devices with standard internet capabilities.

No app download is required for your guests! To help ensure the platform is used as much as possible, we believe the download would prevent its quick and convenient use. Three easy options are available including texting a code to a number, visiting the domain name associated with your web app, or scanning the qr code on the tent card in the rooms and common areas. It’s that simple.

Based on the use case of the platform, a mobile phone or ipod touch may be recommended for staff members to maximize the feature set of the platform although not entirely necessary for many features that are guest specific.

The are a variety of options, safeguards and notifications that will help to deal with problem issues and priorities in an efficient and timely manner. The protocol will be established to help ensure your most important issues are not overlooked and resolved with as smoothly as possible.

The platform is set up to build the rules around your unique operation. You can set protocols easily and conveniently and change or modify as you find necessary, along with who and how staff and management are notified with alerts using our system.